Unhealthy Allergens – Another Reason to Clean Your Carpets

An important, but oft-forgotten, factor that influences your health is quality of the air in your home. When there are allergens in the air you breathe, this compromises your indoor air quality and can place your health in danger. Let’s take a closer look at household allergens:

Which Allergens Are in Your Carpet?

One of the most widespread allergens is the dust mite. These tiny creatures are often found in your carpets. Dust mites love carpets; a warm, humid carpet is the ideal place for dust mites to thrive. While dust mites are too tiny to see, you may have large numbers of them living in your carpet.

Allergies to dust mites are fairly common – millions of Americans suffer from them. Symptoms of an allergic reaction are similar to those of a pollen allergy; these can affect your skin, eyes, nose, lungs, and in the worst cases can trigger asthma attacks.

Pet dander is another allergen that’s commonly found in carpets. Dander is composed of the tiny bits of skin that your pets normally shed. If you have birds, cats, or dogs in your household, they produce dander regularly. As a result, dander can accumulate in carpets and circulate throughout the air in your house.

Dander can cause reactions in people who are specifically allergic to these triggers; this happens most often to persons who already suffer from other allergies or asthma. You can develop respiratory issues when you are exposed to dander for a period of time, as well as other symptoms such as itching, watery eyes, or rashes.

A third allergen found in carpets is mold. While moisture and humidity can increase mold in carpets, mold can be in the carpets and air at any time of the year.

Invisible mold spores can be dangerous to everyone in your household. The smallest amount of mold can trigger respiratory problems and allergies; in some cases, mold can cause neurological issues and lung problems. If there is mold in your carpeting, your health is at risk.

In addition to these common household allergens, carpets contain bacteria and viruses. These are potential causes of serious health issues for you and your family, including coughs, colds, and the flu, among others. For a more complete assessment of contributors to poor air quality, the American Lung Association offers more in-depth information.

Carpet Cleaning Can Help

The presence of these allergens is not a reflection a reflection of whether or not you keep a neat home. You may vacuum the carpeting throughout your house regularly, and even use expensive cleaning products. Your carpets may look nice, and smell fresh and clean, but this does not resolve the problem of allergens and health risks.

Only professional carpet cleaners have the experience, equipment, and supplies to remove high concentrations of mold, dander, and dust mites from the carpets. Instead of simply looking nice, your carpeting will be virtually free of allergens and bacteria. Chem-Dry, for example, notes that its carpet cleaning removes 98% of common allergens from carpets and upholstery, as well as 89% of airborne bacteria.

Remember: Routine cleaning with your vacuum can only remove dirt from the surface of the carpets. For deep cleaning and removing allergens, you need to call the experts. Everyone in your household will benefit when they can breathe fresh air every day. And every room in your home will be beautiful, clean, and more welcoming.

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Considering Home Care for a Senior

Those of us who live long enough will someday reach the point when it becomes difficult to take care of ourselves. This difficulty manifests itself in different ways. Some seniors can no longer safely drive. Others lose their mobility or energy. And still others lose some mental sharpness as they grow old. But nearly all of these seniors have one thing in common: They want to live at home, and maintain their freedom and way of life, for as long as possible.

In cases like these, home care services can provide seniors with the assistance they need to stay at home for a few extra years. Home care can grant seniors independence, enable them to continue experience things they enjoy and to live life on their own terms. If you’re concerned about your ability to take care of yourself – or concerned about a senior you love – here are some of the ways home care services can make a difference.

Safety & Security

One of the biggest concerns family members have for their senior loved ones is safety and security. Family can worry about unlocked windows or doors, for example, or phones that don’t work in a time of need. Home care providers can deal with these concerns by checking items like locks or phones, and making sure that all work as needed.

Care providers can also check to ensure that the senior’s environment is as safe as can be; this can be accomplished by keeping things neat and orderly, and by managing items that present the potential for to cause a fire or another type of accident.

General Health

When you’re a senior, it isn’t as easy to stay healthy. With less energy, mobility, and clarity, it becomes harder to keep a kitchen well-stocked, and to cook nutritious meals. It becomes harder to enjoy moderate, healthy exercise. It can even be difficult to manage medications – to keep them on hand at all times and to take them as directed.

A home care provider can help by keeping things organized and by handling things that the senior can’t. A care provider could go shopping, for example, or drive a senior to the supermarket. The provider could also cook a few healthy meals per week, or help to keep medications organized, on-hand, and taken on time. If the senior has any specific health issues, the provider’s record-keeping can help a physician stay up-to-date on progress.


People don’t lose the need for companionship as they become older; in fact, isolation can be harmful to a senior’s mental health. In these cases, a home care provider can offer a needed source of company and companionship.  One home care agency – Seniors Helping Seniors – employs fellow senior caregivers in the hopes that they’ll be able to offer even more empathy and understanding.


Seniors are healthiest when they continue to participate in their communities. Care providers can help maintain a senior’s bridge to the outside world by providing transportation and company to restaurants, movies, and gatherings with other seniors.

Respites for Family Members

Seniors aren’t the only ones who can need a hand. Sometimes family members could use a respite from taking care of their senior loved ones –  without having to worry or feel guilty. With an experienced home care provider on your side, family members can enjoy a break without sacrificing peace of mind.

Seniors may become slightly frail or forgetful, and cause a bit of worry for family members. But when that happens, it doesn’t have to be time for a senior to give up independence. Some help with preparing healthy meals, taking medications, transportation, and maintaining a safe environment at home can do wonders for a senior. A little home care might be just what you and your senior need to navigate old age gracefully.

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What are Muscle Injuries and How do They Heal?

Learning About Muscle Injury Healing and How it Differs from Injuries of the Bones or Ligaments

One of the biggest problems I hear people face when trying to work out a regular exercise schedule is working around injuries. This is particularly true of the older population who are more prone to orthopedic issues. That’s why I wanted to focus on helping shed some light on muscle injuries in particular.

back muscle femaleMost people confuse how muscles and bones heal. You need to understand that they function completely different, and it’s very easy to get mixed up. If you have a bone fracture, as long as you have it fixed properly it tends to heal so thoroughly that it becomes better than it was before you had the fracture. Your bone tissue usually heals with calcium and other minerals, a component of the bone in a process that ultimately creates a stronger bone that what was there originally. You can learn more about bone healing here. When it comes to your muscles, they tend not to heal with the muscle tissue; they heal with foreign substances including collagen. Usually, the resulting scar tissue is weaker and less elastic, and prone to injury. Therefore, once your muscle gets damaged, it can be a source of a great deal of pain.

So What is a Muscle Injury or Strain?

Well, as complex as it might seem, it’s simple. Torn muscle in the body are known as pulled muscle or commonly a strained muscle. Many of the problems that are usually associated with the muscle strain are caused by the ripping of the muscle tissue in your body. This happens at the point where your muscle meets the tendon. What damages the muscle is the force that is cause by the muscle contraction or over stretching of the muscle.

Therefore, the more the muscle fibers get torn, the worse the strain you will get. In case you have a serious strain, your muscle may completely rupture. Muscle strains and especially raptures are surprisingly rare compared to other causes of muscle pain. Therefore, muscle injuries occur when a force in the muscle is so overwhelming that the tissue begins to tear. This at times can occur within the tissue itself where the tendon is attached to the bone, or more commonly, at the junction between the muscle and the tendon. When your muscle gets injured you will notice that there will be significant inflammation and swelling, after which the muscle will begin healing by regenerating muscle fibers from the stem cells that are in the area of the injury. After some time the scar tissue will remodel, but the muscle will never fully regenerate. It’s scientifically thought that this is to make it more prone to injury.

What is the Diagnosis for Muscle Injury?

The diagnosis is usually implemented based on the history and physical exam. Most times, patients will tend to feel pain in the area of the injury that is worse with the contraction of the muscle. They will also report a pain sensation that can be compared to a stab. During the examination there will be swelling and bruising, and in severe cases, the physician might may feel the defect where the muscle had completely torn.

How do Muscles Heal?

female workout muscle injuryMuscles tend to heal three to five times faster than ligament and tendons; this is usually because they are rich in blood flow and nerve. If you have ever hurt a muscle, then you probably know it hurts.

Muscles heal differently, by repair, this is the body’s healing system. The body healing system functions by repairing and not necessarily generating new tissue. This healing process works by growing new scar tissue that is patched up on the injury. During muscle repair, the body will send collagen to your wound and your injury will fill with scar tissue. There is usually a degree of regeneration that occurs even in repair cases.

Once the scar tissue has been formed the final step to healing is remodeling. Your muscle needs remodeling because the repair process is usually disorganized and the scar tissue needs to be reshaped back to its original form. At this stage patients are advised to exercise to remodel the injury. Some patients near me have stated the sports medicine doctors at OrthoVirginia have provided programs to help them restore the right shape to their previously broken bones. Orthopedic and sports medicine doctors should be seen for moderate and worse pain associated with the muscles or bones.

If you bruise a muscle tissue, it will bounce back well. The ligaments, on the other hand, are the opposite of the muscle; they will heal rather slowly because they have less blood flow and relatively few nerves. They usually attach the bones and help in the stabilization of the joints. The tendons are the ends of the muscle that are found around the joints. They attach the muscle to the bones and act like a sort of pulley moving your bone when the muscle contracts. Tendons are like ligaments, unlike the muscles they have less blood flow and very few nerves and therefore don’t heal well.

How are Muscle Injuries Treated?

A majority of acute muscle injuries are usually patricidal thickness tears that are easily treated with rest, ice, compression, elevation, and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs that are otherwise known as NSAIDs like ibuprofen. This is usually done in the first week of treatment and is usually followed by progressive functional therapy, in case it is needed.

In case you have similar symptoms, or you are suffering from the same, you can get to our can contact a professional for more information or specialized treatment.

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Keeping Your Home Consistently Clean

home cleaningCleanliness and organization in a house breeds happiness and healthiness for those living in it. Having clutter and dirtiness throughout the home can be stressful, and cleaning is not exactly the greatest mood lifter. However, the house does not have to get dirty enough to look like a nuclear war zone, and cleaning does not have to be as extensive and time-consuming as you would think.

Here are some simple and easy habits for you to get into to keep your home clean on a daily basis.

Make Your Bed

A fresh start to a morning produces a happy and easy day. Fluff your pillows, flatten the bedspread, and swap the sheets if need be immediately after waking, or shortly after breakfast. Putting yourself in a tidying mood will give you an eye for other things: for example, that pile of laundry on the floor doesn’t look appealing next to your beautifully-made bed and needs to be placed in a hamper. Speaking of laundry, be sure to do at least one load every day, especially if your house carries more than a few people. Laundry is notorious for appearing out of nowhere and without warning, so be careful when you choose to skip a day.

Give Each Bedroom Baskets or Hampers

To avoid the clutter of toys or various items, have baskets set in the bedrooms. This can encourage kids to not make a mess across the floor, and when cleanup time is announced, all of the toys will be in one place for them to quickly put back away. Similarly, have hampers where necessary to avoid the accumulation of stinky heaps of clothes. Even still, encourage kids (and yourself) to try to put things away as soon as you are done with them.

Don’t Unnecessarily Clutter Desks

Mail and other papery items often find their ways to the desks in the study or wherever you do your bills. To avoid the piling of junk mail or things you will eventually get to someday, have a wastebasket nearby to dispose of unwanted items as you see them. Have a filing cabinet handy or cheap stackable shelves that can be found at local retailers to hold valuable papers.

Keep the Living Room Organized

Sometimes just providing the illusion of cleaning is enough to satisfy. For such rooms as the den, it probably just takes simple reconstruction of what is already there. Keeping the decorative pillows and blankets tidy, rather than them being tossed around the sofas or the floor can make a world of difference. If this is too much for you to handle, you can always consider hiring a maid service.

Do the Dishes after Every Meal

To avoid the mountain of dishes at the end of the day, immediately wash dishes after every meal, a ten minute or less job, rather than a half hour of washing after dinner. Similarly, load and run the dishwasher after meals too. Be sure to empty it at the end of the day so that you do not have to rush in the morning.

Declutter Countertops

Keeping your counters free of clutter allows for room to do cooking and helps to keep the kitchen clean in general. It helps to clean as you cook so that you’re not needing to do it all afterwards.

Wipe Down Bathrooms

Be sure to declutter the sink of any toiletries and wipe it down to get rid of any nasties that may have found their way onto the sink’s top. Doing a brief clean makes it easier for when you do a weekly deep clean.

Vacuum at Least Once a Week

Vacuuming is vital to a clean and healthy home. While once a week is good, twice a week is optimal for the best results. Consistently vacuuming means that you will be needing to a call a professional carpet cleaner much less frequently. Vaccuming does not have to be such a hassle, either, if you have been cleaning up the floor after yourself.

These simple tasks don’t even have to be planned out. You can do them in spur-of-the-moment situation — that’s how easy it is. Your house will thank you for your quick thinking and your cleanliness, and you will enjoy a nice view and stress-free environment.

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Even Little Drips Can Lead to Big Problems

Drip, drip, drip… Maybe you’ve heard that sound in your home without giving it much thought. After all, it’s just a little drip that you dab with a towel now and then, or maybe capture in a little bowl hidden under your sink. As long as a towel or a little bowl can take care of the issue, why go to the trouble of calling a plumber?

And so begins the cause of another expensive water damage restoration or mold remediation project. If you had only known how much it costs to hire a water damage restoration pro cost, you would have done more to address that little drip.

Maybe you’re thinking that your insurance company would pick up the tab for water damage. They probably won’t. Your insurance is there to protect you against the unexpected. A leaky pipe or dripping faucet isn’t unexpected – it’s the result of normal wear-and-tear that you’re expected to deal with by repairing or replacing.

Maybe you’re thinking that a few drops of water won’t hurt you or anything else. But they just might. Under the right conditions (like darkness or warmth), moisture can cause mold growth in as little as 24 hours. Mold can be responsible for a variety of health concerns ranging from mild allergies to toxin-caused symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and trouble concentrating.

Contrary to what many believe, mold can’t simply be scrubbed or wiped away. Mold remediation requires professional expertise as well as the probable removal of any affected objects.

Some of the worst problems caused by drips or leaks are the ones you don’t see. If water escapes your attempts to catch it, it could be collecting somewhere else. A small temporary leak shouldn’t be an issue, but prolonged exposure to water can cause wood in a floor to bow, or wood in a frame to rot. Mold, too, can damage structures. Replacing entire portions of your home may become the only way to regain your home’s structural integrity as well as your health.

So remember this: A little drip can become a big problem. So call a plumber to address it right away. If you don’t, your call to your local water damage repair specialist is liable to be a lot more expensive.

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Six Questions To Ask A Senior Care Agency

Six Questions to Ask Every In-Home Care Agency

Choosing to hire an in-home care worker for an elderly loved one is an important decision. Well-chosen in-home care can ease the burden on your loved one, and help him or her to continue to live at home and independently; choosing the wrong care provider can lead to turmoil and stress. So take the time to ask the right questions before hiring. Here are six that can help you choose the right in-home care agency for your parent:

What is the Background of Your Company?

It is important to find out the history of the company before you hire them. You want to know how long they have been in business and if they have always been under the same ownership. You’ll also want to do your own research, such as looking at the company’s Better Business Bureau rating or reading online reviews. The more you know about the company’s background, the better.

What Qualifications, Certifications, Training, and Experience Do the Caregivers Have?

Be sure to ask what qualifications the people who work for the company have. If your loved one needs skilled medical care, you want to make sure that the company offers it. You should also find out if there is any ongoing training the company’s employees must go through. The better trained the employees are, the safer you will feel when they are spending time with your loved one.

What Type of Screening Process Do New Hires Go Through?

Make sure you can trust the person who you are going to hire to take care of your loved one. You’ll want to hire a company who does thorough background checks on their employees before they are hired. When a specific worker is assigned to your loved one, you should request a copy of their background check. Some senior care agencies go the extra mile. Seniors Helping Seniors North Orlando also gets to know caregivers in order to better match their personalities with clients.

Will the Same Worker Care for My Loved One?

It’s important to find out if the agency will regularly send the same person to care for your loved one. That’s because one of the main benefits of hiring an in-home care agency is so that your loved one will enjoy some companionship. If the agency sends a different person each time, it will be more difficult for your loved one to create a meaningful bond.

Will You Work in Conjunction with My Doctor?

If your loved one needs skilled medical care, you’ll want to work with an agency who will be willing to work with their doctor. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page, and will make it easier to arrange and plan your loved one’s care.

Can the Agency Provide References?

It is a good idea to work with an agency who can provide you with references. If they can provide references from medical professionals, hospitals, and social workers, you can be sure that you can trust them. You should also find out if they can give you references from other clients.

Hiring a home health care worker to take care of your loved one is an excellent idea – as long as you choose one carefully. Once this happens, you’ll have someone to take care of them when you can’t. It will also give you peace of mind that your loved one is happy and healthy when you can’t be there. Before you hire an agency, take the time to do research and ask the right questions. This will ensure that you hire the best person for the job.

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Healthy Kids are Happy Kids!

kids sportsIn order to stay happy and healthy, kids need fresh air and exercise. Encouraging your kids to exercise every day and to stay active will help them build healthy habits and an appreciation for physical activity that will enhance their future. Every child’s daily schedule should leave room for exercise and active play.

Incorporating exercise into your kid’s daily routine can be done in a variety of ways. During school hours, children can join sports teams, take gym classes, and enjoy active play at recess time. When school is out, kids can get their activity in at the park, go on a bike ride with friends, or simply play around in the backyard. Parents can also enroll their children in gymnastics or dance classes at Romp n’ Roll Richmond, or even sign them up for little league sports teams.

The opportunities to incorporate play and exercise into your kid’s routine are limitless. Parents who give their children the gift of a love for play and exercise give them the gift of a healthier, happier future.

Benefits Associated with Regular Exercise

Children who are active enjoy a more positive and enhanced sense of physical, emotional, and mental benefits over their “couch potato” peers. Frequent exercise can:

  • strengthen bones and muscles
  • increase flexibility and coordination
  • keep obesity at bay
  • reduce the risk of cardiac and respiratory diseases
  • help kids get a better night’s sleep
  • positively impact a child’s disposition and demeanor
  • improve focus, memory and concentration

These benefits can be a major plus for children who are struggling with academic or social challenges. Most children truly enjoy physical activity and active play when they get to include their friends in the fun. Sports and active play allows for kids to learn social and interpersonal skills that can help them make friends and build healthy relationships in the future.

Sedentary Lifestyles Come Along with Dangers

Too many children are inactive and have a sedentary lifestyle. Instead of taking time to get outside, explore and play, they spend hours online, watching television, or playing video games. This results in inactive, overweight, physically unfit kids who endure a wide range of health issues. Children who are obese are at a greater risk of becoming obese adults, turning a childhood issue into a lifelong struggle.

Parents have a lot of power in making sure their kids develop healthy habits. Limiting television, gaming, and Internet use, and encouraging physical activity can stop the cycle of childhood obesity. Parents need to set a good example by staying fit and active themselves and for looking for fun ways to enjoy play and exercise together as a family.

Experts recommend that kids get at least one hour of physical activity each day. Kids who play sports or participate in activities or dance at a kid’s gym or play on a little league team benefit from a balanced exercise regimen. Even something as simple as a daily visit to a local playground or park can help kids create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. As a child’s activity level increases, the risk for obesity decreases, allowing children to enjoy a happier, healthier childhood.

Health and Fitness Fundamentalskids karate

Flexibility, strength, and endurance are the fundamental building blocks of good health and fitness. When children participate in activities that encourage jumping, running, stretching, and hand-eye coordination, they build these fitness fundamentals. A kid’s gym is a great place to help children explore health and fitness. Many kid’s gyms offer programs and classes like boxing, swimming, karate, and gymnastics that can help kids enjoy exercise and stay healthy and active.

Not only will regular activity and exercise help to improve strength, it also helps improve endurance and flexibility. Dance, gymnastics, and karate include stretching exercises that improve flexibility. Older kids and teens can incorporate push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and crunches into the routine to develop strength and tone their bodies.

Joining a kid’s gym that promotes a variety of physical activities and programs can help kids find a sport or activity they love and can enjoy for life. Kid’s gyms also provide a great place for kids to socialize, learn the value of teamwork, and make friends. A healthy body and an active social life make for a happy childhood.

How Parents Can Help Kids Be Healthy and Fit

It can be a daunting task to raise healthy and fit kids. These tips can help parents encourage their children to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle:

  • Make sure that there is time scheduled for exercise in your child’s day
  • Promote exercise and healthy eating at home and at school
  • Do physical activities together as a family
  • Make exercise fun – not a punishment or a chore
  • Let kids try a variety of sports and activities so they can find their niche
  • Have balls, bicy
    cles, skates, etc. on hand to keep kids moving and active

The goal is to help your kids look, feel, and be their very best. Good health and fitness helps kids to create a positive path now and for their future.

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