Hot stone massage 

Since the time of ancient Indians, pure strength from the core of the Earth, formed from pieces of lava and naturally sculpted in the river, has been used in the treatment of various diseases of body and soul. They left as a legacy a huge respect for the stone as the oldest form of life on planet Earth, which they believed was in the state of deep sleep. Once the stone was warmed up, they would place it onto sore and stiff places on the body, while performing ritual dances and singing prayers wishing that the stone’s warmth helped the patient.

imagesIn modern times, it was confirmed that the volcanic rocks contain remarkable electromagnetic potential of the Earth and that using them in treatment is beneficial and focused particularly on energy. Using the combination of warm and hot stones placed on the body, the main energy centers or chakras are opened. The chakras are energy centers trough which we receive, process and direct energy or vital force. With the help of these chakras we exchange energy with the environment in a way that we charge and release energy in equal amount, thus achieving the balance. In the physical and energetic body there are seven major energy centers or chakras, covering the entire physical body, as well as the expansion of the energy body called aura.

For hot stone massage, forty-five stones different in shape and size are heated in special chrome-plated containers, in water up to 42-43° C. The specificity of the massage with volcanic stones is that the therapist does not place the stones directly onto the body, but they first warm their palms, which they place on the client’s skin and heat it by gentle moves, preparing it for the stones. Then the hot stones are used to massage deeper structures of the skin, ligaments, and muscle groups. Depending on the client’s health condition, painful and blocked parts of the body and the desired effect of the massage, the therapist creates a treatment.

hot-stone-massageMassage with volcanic stones helps achieving faster metabolism and it encourages detoxification. To help the kidneys release harmful content obtained by blood filtration, drinking half a liter of lukewarm water is recommended after the treatment. The skin becomes smooth and silky after the massage, thanks to the improved circulation and nutrition, as well as help from the metabolism of collagen in the skin. The circulation of the body speeds up to six to eight times, which is beneficial for all the cells and organs. The muscles reject unnatural state of tension and pain caused by accumulation of lactic acid, the breathing becomes deeper and more relaxed and the stress is relieved.

Hot stones massage is recommended in cases of tension, aching muscles, rheumatic problems, degenerative conditions of the spinal column, sports injuries, insomnia, depression, irritability, PMS.

Given that the main postulate of this ancient art is “primum non nocere” (primarily do not harm), there are groups of people who are not recommended to use this massage. These are heart patients, pregnant women, people with varicose veins, high blood pressure patients, patients with skin infections and those who suffer any kind of bleeding at the given moment.

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